Landscaping Ideas for Your Fort Walton Beach Home

People are spending more time than ever in their backyards. If you’re enjoying the outdoors, why wouldn’t you want to make your outdoor space look perfect? It’s time to upgrade your Fort Walton Beach landscape.

But what should you do first? There are so many landscape trends to choose from that it can be hard to decide where to start. We’re here to help you narrow down your options.

Read on to learn all about some of the best landscaping ideas.

Fort Walton Beach Native Plants

Native plants look great, are easy to care for, and are better for your local environment.

When you have native plants, you don’t have to try as hard to create the perfect conditions for them to grow in your garden. This is one of the best Fort Walton Beach landscaping options because it’s so easy to maintain. 

Native plants keep the ecosystem functioning. Also, native animals and insects will benefit from your garden! Here are a few examples of plants that are native to Fort Walton Beach Florida so you can get some inspiration.

Don’t worry, your native garden can be just as beautiful as a garden with diverse plants. 

Hardscaping in Fort Walton Beach that Looks Great Year-Round

Hardscaping is in. If you want to make your outdoor space functional regardless of the weather, get all-season hardscaping features!

While Florida stays fairly comfortable year-round, it’s helpful to have hardscape features like a covered patio for when it’s rainy. This way, you can still enjoy the outdoors without getting wet. 

On chilly nights, you can light up your fire pit and stay nice and warm. You could even upgrade to a full outdoor fireplace if you’re feeling adventurous. 

Drought-Tolerant Plants

Florida isn’t known for its drought conditions, but they do happen from time to time. Drought-tolerant plants are some of the best landscape ideas for any novice or experienced gardener. They’re easy to care for and they look great, especially when they’re used as the lower level for a layered landscape design. 

Succulents and cacti make great additions to any garden, and there are so many varieties to choose from. 

Smart Irrigation

One of our favorite landscaping options is smart irrigation. With smart irrigation systems, you take control of your garden with an app on your phone.

You can also set up your irrigation system to respond to weather conditions. For example, you wouldn’t want to water your plants during a period of heavy rain, right? 

Which of These Fort Walton Beach Landscaping Options Do You Need? 

There are so many fun and innovative landscaping options to choose from. Which ones suit your outdoor aesthetic best? 

If you’re ready to upgrade your landscape, it’s time to contact a local landscaping company. We want to help make your outdoor space perfect! Contact us at Wyscape to get a quote today.

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