A Quick Guide to Sustainable Landscape Design

Did you know that landscaping can add value to your home? Potential buyers often spend more money on a home with beautiful outdoor areas.

Landscape maintenance has many other benefits for homeowners as well. When you flesh out your landscaping ideas, you gain access to beautiful outdoor areas where you can spend time with friends and family.

However, not all landscape design methods are equal. Many older landscaping techniques involve unsustainable practices that can damage your outdoor living spaces. 

We’ll explore the best sustainable practices in this guide, so keep reading to learn how this works!

Replace Materials That Harm the Environment

The first step towards improving your landscape is removing hazardous materials. For example, old railroad ties often contain creosote. This chemical offers pressure treatment for your landscape timbers. 

But creosote also has chemicals that can harm your outdoor space. Even worse, it can cause health problems for humans and pets. 

Skin contact with creosote can cause:

  • irritation
  • burning
  • redness
  • rashes
  • itching

Avoid these problems by finding organic solutions without harmful chemicals.

Use Native Plants in Your Landscape Design

Many people love the exotic feeling that non-native plants bring to their yards. However, non-native plants and flowers can bring some challenges. 

The biggest issue with these plants is that they must work harder to survive your climate. They often require more water than native plants. 

In contrast, native plants naturally survive in your climate. They can even attract bugs and bacteria to create a lively, healthy ecosystem in your garden. 

Use Natural Materials for Patios

In addition to native plants, consider using rocks and stones for your landscaping. These natural materials protect your beds and enhance water flow through the property. 

Recently, many patio pavers offer natural stones for hardscaping. These natural stones make excellent materials for your patio and fire pit designs. 

Concrete patio pavers can also work as driveway joints. Consider using pavers to create borders for your patio and driveway. 

Sustainable Pergola Designs

Another increasingly popular choice in landscape designs is the pergola. These structures can extend your outdoor living spaces and provide shade and coverage from the elements. 

This coverage allows you to spend more time outside. The question is, what can you do to create sustainable pergolas? The short answer is to use sustainable materials.

Organic woods and stones are the best choices for sustainable pergolas. Just try to avoid treating the wood with any harsh chemicals, such as creosote.

There are several ways to design pergolas and access natural materials. Consider contacting a professional landscaping service to help with this project. 

Work With a Professional Landscaping Company to Create the Best Yard

Sustainable landscape design doesn’t have to be difficult. Simple practices like changing what materials you use can go a long way to making a sustainable outdoor space. 

You can simplify this process even more by hiring professional landscaping companies to assist you. These professionals know the best practices in the business to give you the yard of your dreams.

To that end, consider working with us! We’ve served locations throughout Northwest Florida, leaving each place more beautiful than it was before. Get a quote from us today!

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