Top 5 Pergola Design Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Did you know that people have been building pergolas since the 17th century? These trendy backyard features have a long history!

If you’re thinking about adding a pergola to your yard, what type of design are you going for? Do you want something rustic and simple, or classy and elegant?

If you can’t decide, we want to help. Read on to learn all about the top pergola design ideas for inspiration.

1. Botanical Overhangs

Botanical overhangs look so whimsical and natural on pergolas. If you love the natural beauty of your garden, weaving vines and flowers through the top of your pergola is a fantastic idea.

This gives your pergola the appearance of a wisteria path. It helps your pergola blend well into the rest of your yard while still providing shade and a separate sitting area. 

Make sure that you choose a plant that’s durable and doesn’t require much maintenance. This is one of our favorite pergola designs for anyone looking for something unique. 

2. Simple String Lights

Do you want to elevate a simple pergola? Use string lights! Simple string lights can turn the most basic pergola into a charming sitting area. 

It’s best to use a plain wooden pergola with wide roof slats for this project. You can either weave your lights through the slats or string them from one side of the pergola’s “ceiling” to the other. 

This is a great, affordable, and easily adjustable upgrade for your pergola, and it looks awesome on balmy summer nights spent outdoors.

3. Classy Curtains

Do you want an elegant pergola? Try adding curtains. This gives it a cool Mediterranean look, it can keep out the sun, and it can give you some extra privacy. 

If you use the right fabric for the curtains, you can also protect yourself from the weather. Aim for water-resistant fabrics. 

4. Rustic Boho 

Rustic boho pergolas are always in style. 

They use a combination of different styles and aesthetics to create one piece that works. Often there are several organic elements involved, like wood and wicker, that come together to make the perfect pergola.

These pair well with comfortable and casual furniture (think rustic wood and plush beanbags). 

5. Elevated Pergola

If you’re looking for unique and modern pergola ideas, look no further. Why not try an elevated pergola?

An elevated pergola may look similar to a gazebo, but the roof still lets in light like a standard pergola. It’s just lifted off the ground like a deck. 

This is ideal for anyone who wants to add more variety and visual interest to their backyard.

Try One of These Pergola Design Ideas

These fun pergola design ideas will totally transform your outdoor space. Whether you’re keeping it simple with wide slats and string lights or trying a unique look with an elevated pergola, there’s sure to be at least one option that suits you.

At Wyscape, we want to help homeowners in Northwest Florida create the landscapes of their dreams. Contact us for a quote today.

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