How to Plan and Create a Landscape Planting Bed

Experts have proven that flowers and other plants can make humans calmer, happier, and more productive. This is one good reason, among many, that your landscape design should include plants. For this to be possible, you must have a planting bed. 

If you do not know how to create one of these, read on to learn the steps. 

Start Planning in Fall or Winter 

Ground that is cold is very hard. Therefore, digging, placing soil, and planting will be easier to start in the spring. The warmth of this season also helps the plants grow well. 

However, you don’t need to wait until this time to begin any planning. Fall and winter are perfect seasons to toy with landscaping ideas. Laying a planting bed is one of them. 

Figure out things like where you want your landscape bed to be and what it should look like during the colder seasons. Look online or search around your neighborhood for inspiration. Picture each possibility in your yard or draw it up. 

Also, consider where your choice of plants will grow best. For example, many plants will struggle in too much shade. If you put your bed in a place with a lot of this, you will find landscape maintenance difficult. 

Preparing a Planting Bed 

After you’re satisfied with your planting bed plan and spring starts, you can begin. First, gather seeds, a rake, a shovel, soil, manure, and something to mark the ground like spray paint. Use the marking tool to draw the area of your garden bed. 

Then, you can begin breaking the ground with your shovel. It’s unnecessary to dig a hole. However, you should loosen the soil and remove all the plants and rocks already present. 

You can then add manure and soil on top of this. Use your rake to mix up the manure into the soil. After, smooth the surface of this soil until there’s only a small slope around the edges. 

Planting Your Garden 

There are a few ways that you can place plants in your garden. It is possible to start them from seed. However, this is a tough approach, especially for beginners. 

It’s easier to buy fully grown plants from a store. If you find this too expensive, you can grow a seed into a sapling with other methods. Then you can place it in your garden when it’s ready. 

Let Us Help Your Landscaping Dreams Become Reality 

As a final tip, remember to be patient with yourself. It is not uncommon for beginning gardeners to make several mistakes. For example, your plants may fail to thrive in your planting bed. 

Don’t let these mistakes discourage you, though. Learn from them and keep working hard. This should help you create the garden of your dreams. 

While you’re learning, consider hiring our professional landscape services. Out of all Destin, FL, landscaping companies, we were voted the readers’ choice in VIP Destin Magazine.

If you need help creating the landscape design of your dreams, call us today.

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