8 Ways to Refresh Your Outdoor Space

Over the past two years, people have found greater value in the great outdoors. As Americans, we have felt trapped inside over the past two years and are eager to sulk in the sun outside. Studies have shown that 90% of Americans place a greater value in their outdoor living space than before.

Ideally, your patio landscape will be beautiful and functional. Keep reading if you are interested in converting your yard into the outdoor living space of your dreams. Here are 8 patio landscaping ideas to elevate your outdoor space.

1. Use Patio Plants

Constructed decks and patios introduce cement and hard rigid structures to the previously beautiful outdoor space. That is why it is essential for homeowners to add patio plants to their outdoor spaces. These plants can be used to ease the transition between the geometric shapes of a home and the organic shapes and vibrant colors of the outdoors.

2. Add Trees for Natural Shade

If your yard is barren, you should consider planting low-maintenance trees in your yard. These will grow over the years and symbolize how you and your family have grown up on the property as well.

When picking a tree, you should consider planting a shade tree that will reach an intermediary height at its maturity. Before planting a tree, you should consider how your plants will grow around septic tanks or any pre-existing root systems.

3. Privacy Hedges

People like having privacy along their property lines. Instead of installing wood or chain-link fences, you could consult a landscaper to install hedges to add privacy to your yard. Hedges allow you to have a manicured look and maintain your privacy.

4. Build a Pergola

Pergolas are outdoor gardens that feature a shaded walkway or passage. Pergola designs are made of vertical posts and pillars. Although pergolas can have an open covering, they can also be used to provide shade.

5. Plant a Variety of Perennials

You should consider planting perennials around your patio space. This will allow you to soften your outdoor space and keep plants around year-round. By including a variety of plants, you can try to keep some plants in bloom for much of the growing season.

Perennials are cold-hardy plants. These plants will go dormant during the cold months and become vibrant again in spring.

6. Use Annuals to Spice Up Your Landscape

In contrast to perennials, annuals can be used to add vibrant color to your space for a singular season. Annuals are rich in color and a great flowering plant for novice gardeners.

7. Buy Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture allows you to add comfort and functionality to your deck or patio. Weatherproof tables and chairs let you enjoy the comfort of the indoors in the great outdoors.

8. Add in Outdoor Lighting

After a long day at work, relaxing in your outdoor space can be the perfect evening. To let your evenings outside last past sunset, you will need to invest in outdoor lighting. Look into getting an outlet installed on the exterior of your home or buying solar-powered lamps or string lights.

Implement Your Patio Landscaping Ideas

A well-landscaped yard can help you increase your usable square footage and soak in the beauty of the outdoors. At Wyscape we want to help you sculpt the outdoor space of your dreams.

Contact us to start implementing your patio landscaping ideas. 

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