6 Best Shade Trees for Your Northwest Florida Landscape

At least 237 days every year, Florida residents are blessed with sunshine. While Florida might be known for its beautiful beaches and sunny climate, there are times when at home, you can appreciate some shade, too. 

When you consider your outdoor living spaces, you might want some of your Florida landscape to include some shade trees. 

After all, while the sunshine is nice, so is sitting out in your yard under a lovely shade tree. If you’re planning your landscape design, you might choose to include some shade-producing trees in your plan.

Read on to learn about six great options to add to your professional landscaping.

1. American Sycamore

The first tree to consider is the stately American Sycamore tree. This tree has a huge trunk and large-shaped leaves, perfect for creating shade. 

The American Sycamore is a wide canopied tree with many winding and crooked branches. 

Despite having less prominent seasons in Florida, the tree will have its leaves turn and drop in the fall. You should also be mindful of where you plant it since the root system it creates can be extensive and potentially damaging to nearby concrete areas 

2. Live Oak

The Live Oak is native to Florida and one of the most popular Florida shade-makers. And for a good reason, the tree is massive and creates a large canopy for shade.

The large trunk base divides near the ground into large limbs that spread and grow horizontally, making it perfect for creating shade. 

3. Southern Magnolia

You know nothing says southern like a beautiful Magnolia tree. 

The Southern Magnolia grows with dark, waxy evergreen leaves year-round for shade. But when the Southern Magnolia is a real star is in the spring with its large, white, sweet-smelling flowers.

4. Shumard Oak

Shumard oak is a native tree that offers shade in the summer and a burst of rich color in fall. Once mature, trees can reach 80 feet tall and have a 50- to 60-foot canopy.

Shumard oak also boasts some of the largest acorns of all Florida oaks, with each acorn reaching up to 1.5 inches wide. Wildlife like squirrels, deer, and turkey love to feed on the acorns, and some people enjoy using them in craft projects and holiday decor.

5. Florida Maple

Maples of all varieties are lovely shade-makers. The Florida Maple is a larger mid-sized tree growing to an average of 30 feet. 

The tree doesn’t grow with a huge trunk, yet the canopy grows into a large oval shape making it a generous shade producer. 

6. Florida Elm

A long-lived shade tree that has dazzling rich, golden yellow autumnal foliage. Trees grow to 60 to 80 feet tall and have an elegant vase-shaped crown. As a bonus, the small leaves on these trees are easy to rake in the fall.

Fill Your Florida Landscape with These Shade-Making Beauties

While you might appreciate a little sunshine, your Florida landscape plan should include generous shade producers. 

Work with a landscaping company that knows Northwest Florida and what trees will be best for your yard. 

Contact us today to let us help you bring some green and some shade into your yard. 

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