The Top Landscaping Trends of 2022

From the inside of your home to the outside, trends come and go, and styles regularly change. But one thing is for sure, landscaping can add up to 14% resale value of your home. Doing so shows that the latest landscape design trends are a worthwhile investment.

To create an oasis in your yard, increase your home’s value, and make the most of your space, learn the trends and find experts to take your yard to the next level. Read on for the latest landscaping ideas to up-level your landscaping inspiration.

Sustainability Through Edible Gardening

This longstanding trend of growing your food is at a peak in popularity. 

Options for edible gardening include raised beds, in-the-ground beds, or container gardening. You have several choices for creating sustainability in your home with a home garden. Save yourself trips to the grocery store by growing fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs in your very own backyard.

Prepare for Continued Climate Change

Amid the drastic changes in the Earth’s climate, it’s critical to create landscape maintenance to fit these changes.

Drought-tolerant plants allow you to save money on water while keeping a stunning yard when Florida conditions are less than ideal.

Among the many types of drought-tolerant plants are succulents, lavender, and various cacti. Consider adding these plant breeds to your next design plan.

Support Wildlife with Native Gardening

There is a growing awareness that people are not the only ones using the land. Thus enters the trend of native gardening and creating habitats for local animals to find food or shelter.

Consider incorporating native plants for pollinators into your professional landscaping. You can also add feeders for birds and small animals. An added benefit of native gardening is more ease in plant growth to thrive in your local environment.

Spruce Up Your Lighting

Add depth to your yard with well-planned landscape lighting.

You can incorporate walkway lighting or overhead lighting to enjoy your backyard space at all times of day and evening. We do suggest hiring a contractor to hardwire your lighting to ensure its reliability and stability.

Bring the Inside Out

Among the top outdoor trends includes bringing the inside to the outdoors.

Use a landscaping company to design outdoor living spaces you will want to use in every season. Add pergola designs for spring weather and vine growth or patio pavers for a solid surface for outdoor seating. You can also add a fire pit to enjoy your patio in the cooler months.

Find outdoor furniture ideal for all weather and seasons. Doing so provides a space for entertaining or outdoor dining throughout the year.

Landscape Design to Turn Your Yard into a Trending Oasis

With several landscaping trends on the plate, it can be exciting and overwhelming to find the right design for your home and space. Write out your favorite trends and talk to a trusted professional for help. 

Contact us today for a quote to help make your landscape design dreams come true. 

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