Summer Lawn Care Maintenance Tips

There are more needs for landscape design businesses in Florida than anywhere else in the USA. That’s because the state’s abundant sunshine and rain are perfect for creating gorgeous gardens with lush lawns.

You need more than great weather to keep your lawn in good shape, though. You’ll also need a careful summer lawn care routine.

Are you an avid gardener and wondering how to care for a lawn in the summer? Keep reading for some top techniques used by Florida landscaping companies.

Summer Mowing Tips

Mower maintenance is a top priority during the summer. Sharpen your blades to prevent them from tearing the grass blades. Torn blades create ragged edges that encourage disease.

Most landscaping companies sharpen their blades after just 10 hours of mowing. It’s best to buy a second blade to ensure you always have a spare handy.

You should also adjust your mower height before you mow the lawn, so you never remove more than one-third of the leaf surface each time. This helps with water retention by shading the soil from the sun’s heat.

It’s best to mow your lawn at least once a week during the summer in Florida.

Use Water and Fertilizer Best Practices

You should only fertilize your lawn when it’s growing strongly. According to Florida University, this is from April through September in North and Central Florida. For cool-season grasses, the best time to fertilize is in the early spring or fall.

Once you’ve applied fertilizer, water the lawn gently to rinse the nutrients into the soil. The rest of the time, it’s best to water your lawn infrequently but deeply to ensure the roots receive enough moisture.

A professional lawn care company can advise you on how much water to use depending on your soil type.

Keep Up with Lawn Care Tasks

A healthy lawn is an ideal habitat for lawn grubs and chafer beetles, that can destroy your grass. Speak to a pest control expert or lawn care service about eco-friendly ways to control these pests.

Likewise, weeds thrive in wet, warm summer weather and can soon take over unless you add a good weed control product to your landscape maintenance toolkit.

Summer is a great time for fun and games outdoors, but toys, water games, and lawn chairs can damage your grass and present hazards during mowing. Make sure you remove these items after use.

Consider Landscaping Companies for Effortless Summer Lawn Care

The best way to stay on top of your summer lawn care tasks is to hire a reputable landscaping company. Florida’s best landscaping companies offer extensive annual lawn care programs so you can enjoy your yard without the hassle.

We take care of mowing, fertilizing, tidying flower beds, aeration, weeding, edging, and so much more. We can also help you choose the best patio pavers, pergola designs, and fire pits to enhance your outdoor living spaces and bring your landscaping ideas to life.

Get in touch to discuss your lawn care and professional landscaping needs in northwest Florida.

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