5 Eye-Catching Landscape Design Ideas for Florida Front Yards

Florida is known for its wonderful climate and environmental beauty. That might be one of the reasons the landscaping industry in Florida had a size of $11.1 billion in 2022. Florida property owners value their home’s appearance.

As a Florida homeowner, you might want to improve the look of your yard. But before making some changes, you’ll need the best landscape design ideas.

Here are five eye-catching ideas to consider implementing at your Florida home.

1. Install Solar Lights

Sustainable updates to your yard are great ideas. One option is to install solar lights. Solar lights operate from energy produced through collected sunlight. Therefore, they don’t negatively impact the environment.

You can also use other forms of lighting to improve your curb appeal. Other options might not be sustainable but can improve your landscape design.

Consider installing lights on any fixtures in your yard. For example:

  • place lights on arches
  • columns
  • around trees
  • draping through your pergola

When using lighting, consider adding zones if they require electricity. You can use the zones to turn different sections on as needed. 

2. Plant Fruit and Vegetable Trees

Another sustainable update for your front yard is to plant fruit and vegetable trees. Planting fruit and vegetable trees offers several benefits:

  • Looks – Fruit trees look great! They look especially good when they bloom with fruit. 
  • Food – Additionally, they provide food. You’ll spend less money and make fewer grocery store trips if you grow some food yourself. 
  • Variety – You can choose from many types of trees and bushes, allowing you to customize your front yard to your desires. 

You can talk to a company that offers landscape services to learn more about your choices. 

3. Build Raised Planters

Adding raised planters is also one of the best landscaping ideas. Raised planters are easy to work with, as you won’t have to bend down. Plus, you can customize them in unique ways to improve the looks.

Check out a photo gallery to see some ideas for these and other creative ways to landscape your yard. You can also talk to landscape designers for more ideas. 

4. Choose the Right Plants

A landscape design company can give ideas for your front yard design. One of the ideas might be to choose the right plants. 

Plants come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. For example, crotons are a great option for a Florida front yard. They’re not only beautiful but also require little landscape maintenance. 

5. Use Some Large Rocks as Decorative Designs

One additional idea is to purchase some large rocks to use as decorations in your yard. You can set these in landscaped areas as focal points. You can choose from various sizes, colors, and textures. 

Adding just one large rock can change the way an area of your yard looks.

Follow These Landscape Design Ideas

Do you want a beautiful and sustainable front yard? If so, follow these landscape design ideas. You can significantly improve your front yard’s looks with a few changes. 

Contact us at Wyscape in Niceville, FL, for more ideas. We offer landscaping and hardscaping services and would love to help you improve your front yards’ appearance. 

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